Breast-healthBreast cancer is one of the biggest health worries for women today.


Thermography does not diagnose cancer, but allows you to track your own unique thermal pattern over time and can alert you to any changes taking place.

These changes could be pre-cancerous cells, inflammatory breast disease, fibrocystic breast tissue, hormonal conditions etc.

These early indications can provide women with more information and time to consider with her Doctor her treatment options.


Who Should Have Breast Thermography Testing?

  • Women who want to take the pro-active approach to their health and find great value in the additional information provided by Breast Thermography.
  • breastWomen who have had inconclusive mammograms or physical breast examinations find that Breast Thermography can help to clarify these tests, thus enabling women to better manage their breast health.
  • Women with dense or fibrocystic breasts, will benefit from thermographic monitoring.
  • Young women – Breast Thermography can be safely performed on young or pregnant women.

In addition, early breast exams can provide a valuable baseline from which to measure future breast health and potential risk factors.



Studies have shown that:

When thermography is used as part of a multimodal approach (clinical examination, mammography and thermography) 97% of early-stage breast cancers can be detected.