“I am in my early 50’s and decided that I wanted to use Thermography as a means of monitoring my breast health. I chose to upgrade to the full body study. I was surprised that my breasts were fine but the left carotid artery in my neck was inflamed. I didn’t realize that this is a risk factor in getting a stroke. The Doctor interpreting the results suggested further tests. I am so pleased that this was highlighted as I am now on a preventative program and will continue to monitor any changes with Thermography.” –  Mrs B, Jersey.


“I was convinced from the age of 18 that I had breast cancer. I am 28 now and I have had numerous visits to the Doctor and 2 Mammograms and nothing showed up as abnormal, although I have tender and lumpy breasts. I decided on a Thermography study. The results came back suggesting lymphatic congestion. As the breast study consists of 2 studies a few months apart, Hedi suggested I make some lifestyle and diet changes and see if there was an improvement in the second study.   This meant cutting out the high levels of wheat, potatoes and pork that my diet consisted of as well as doing more exercise. I was so relieved to see that the congestion in my breasts had reduced significantly after the 3 month follow up. This has given me a great incentive to keep on a healthy eating program. I continue to monitor my breasts with regular self examination and as well as an annual Thermography.” – Miss F, Jersey


“I was diagnosed with a rodent ulcer on my face and had it removed recently. Having been a sun worshiper all my life I am very aware of my increased risk of skin cancer.   I do get my moles checked on a regular basis and Thermography has shown other areas that are showing up as hot spots that I get treated straight away.” – Mr B, Jersey


“My full body Thermography study showed that there was inflammation in the upper area of my gums. I didn’t feel anything at the time, but the following week I was in terrible pain with an abscess in the same area the Thermography study showed 2 weeks before.” – Mrs M, Jersey


“I had been suffering from lower back pain for weeks and no amount of massage or physio was helping. I had a full body study as I wanted to use this method to monitor my breast health as well. The report came back suggesting that there could be a problem with my kidneys and further testing was suggested. A blood test showed that I had a kidney infection which was successfully treated with antibiotics and the pain in my back went away.” – Mrs C, Jersey


“After a full body Thermography study, the results suggested that there could be problems with my bowel. It was recommended that I check this out further with a colonoscopy. I took the report to my Doctor and although she was skeptical about the study as she didn’t know much about Thermography, she did refer me for a colonoscopy at the hospital. She was less skeptical when the results came back as a number of pre-cancerous small polyps were removed during the procedure. I am so pleased that this was picked up early as a few years down the line things might have been more serious.” – Mrs M, Jersey.


“I decided to upgrade my annual breast check to a half body and was very pleased I did this.  The Thermography study showed a problem with my gall bladder and a gynaecological check was also suggested.  I decided  to first do a liver and gall bladder cleanse and passed several large gall stones.  I then went for an ultrasound scan for the gynaecological check and it was discovered I had a thickening of the womb.  I had no symptoms from either condition at that point .”  Mrs A Woodbridge


“I had been suffering for 2 years with hip pain. I tried every treatment and was told there was nothing wrong with my hip or  back.  The imaging showed a large area on inflammation in my jaw. I decided on visiting a new dentist who discovered that I had a root filling compacted with amalgam.  The dentist removed the amalgam and within 2 days my hip pain disappeared.”  Mr R. Norwich