what-happensYou will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to the appointment. These can be downloaded from the website.

The breast study consists of 6 images. You will be asked to strip off your top half and remove all jewellery and clip your hair back. You will be given a gown so your skin has time to acclimatize to the room temperature and any compression from tight garments returns to normal.

You will be seated on a swivel stool and asked to place your hands behind your head and your Thermographer will guide you to the correct angle you need to be in to get the 6 digital images of your breasts.

There is NO contact or compression and NO harmful rays.

The breast study will take roughly 15/20 minutes. The same procedure will be repeated in 90 days time.

The full body study follows the same process, except you will need to strip down to your underpants. Less coverage the better when choosing your underwear. The full body study will take roughly 45 minutes.


Research and study references:

The Best Breast Test:  The Promise of Thermography , by Christiane Northrup, M


PDF Downloads:

  1. Full body Questionnaire (download)
  2. Breast Questionnaire (download page 1, download page 2)
  3. Upper Body Questionnaire (download)
  4. Lower Body Questionnaire (download)